#5 Gear Tip for Budding Engineers

acoustic-15643_640This week will feature a short series of tips for 2013 so that you can succeed at the beginning of your audio career. Inevitably, we all make mistakes so learn from others! Leave a comment below if you have an idea to share.

Today’s tip: Don’t get caught up with gear envy. Gear does not make your sound, you do. A $100 mic can sound just as good as a $2500 mic if you have a good placement, a good instrument and a good performance. Learn to experiment with what you have.

Waves announces new Synth: Element

Just this morning, Waves Audio announced the release of their newest plugin, “Element.” This is the company’s first ever foray into the world of synthesizers.

Powered by Virtual Voltage Technology, Element is engineered to deliver “the fat gritty sound of the classics, with all the precision, flexibility and control of contemporary digital synths.”

Element by Waves


  • Powered by Virtual Voltage™ technology
  • Integrated chorus, delay, reverb, distortion and bit crusher effects
  • 16-step arpeggiator / sequencer
  • Plugin and standalone components

MBox Pro review with Craig Anderton

Harmony Central’s Craig Anderton sat down with Avid  to review the new Mbox Pro. His opinion?  “I gotta say, the test results and specs are impressive, as in extremely impressive.”  Is this the new interface to beat?