#4 Geartip for Budding Engineers: Listen Everywhere

Continuing our series of tips for budding engineers we bring you #4:  Listen to your mix everywhere!mixer-49351_640

Often, home studios are located in bedrooms, basements, living rooms and other spaces that were not acoustically designed for sound monitoring.  We can treat the room with products such as Auralex, but that doesn’t solve some of the inherent room modes and other issues that may occur.  So what is an engineer to do?  Take your mix, and listen to it in the car, on your home stereo, your iPod, at your friend’s house on his home theater system.  Listen anywhere and everywhere you can so that you can make an informed judgement of your mix.  On top of that, your consumers will be listening on these devices, so why shouldn’t you?

What do you do so that your mixes sound as good as they can?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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